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Published Work

Fu, Y., Michelson, R., Lin, Y., Nguyen., L, Tayebi, T., Hiniker, A. (2022) “Social Emotional Learning with Conversational Agents Reviewing: Current Designs and Probing Parents’ Ideas for Future Ones” The Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT) Journal. New York, NY

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Michelson, R., (2015) Review: Sexualized Media Messages and Our Children: Teaching Kids to be Smart Critics and Consumers.” Journal of Media Literacy Education 7.3: 93-95.

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Talks and Facilitations







  • @Stake Game Facilitation, The Northeast Youth Philanthropy Conference, Waltham, MA, 11/20/16
  • Emerging Citizens Workshop Facilitation, for National Media Literacy Week, Boston, MA, 11/4/16
  • Public Engagement Workshop, Code for America Summit, Oakland, CA, 11/2/16
  • Preview of the Public Engagement Toolkit, Final Convening of the City Accelerator’s Cohort on Public Engagement, Seattle, WA, 9/20-9/21
  • Chart the Course Game Facilitation, Office of Science and Technology Policy, The White House, DC, 9/28/16
  • Boston Service Learning Centers Ecosystem Brainstorm, The Engagement Lab at Emerson College, Boston, MA 8/22/16
  • Re-designing the Breast Pump, Ignite Boston: Data Talk,Boston, MA, 8/11/16
  • Social Movements and Global Campaigns Support Design Workshop, The Engagement Lab, Boston, MA, 6/29/17
  • Deliberative Democracy through Play: @Stake Workshop, The International Conference on Participatory Budgeting, 5/22/16
  • “A Feminist HCI Approach to Designing Postpartum Technologies: ‘When I first saw a breast pump I was wondering if it was a joke”, CHI 2016 (Human-Computer Interaction Conference), 5/7/16-5/12/16
  • Human-Centered Design Workshop, Level-up: Pathways to STEM at MIT, 4/10/16
  • Game Design for Deliberative Democracy and Civic Creativity, poster session at Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2017), San Francisco, CA, 2/27/16-3/2/16
  • Designing Games for Social Change Workshop, Citizen + Virtual Program, Boston, MA, 1/9/16
  • Introduction to Civic Media, Citizen + Virtual Program, Boston, MA, 1/9/16


  • “Something You Can’t Live Without”, an interactive art booth in collaboration with The League of Creative Interventionists at the Outside Lands Festival, San Francisco, CA, 8/5/15-8/7/15
  • Digital Activism and Youth Panel, The New Civics Practitioners Conference, 6/15
  • Intergenerational Trauma: A Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop, The Moishe House Kavod Healing and Renewal Retreat, 2/21/15


What do Book Clubs Have to do with Abortion? Exploring Abortion Disclosure and Contact Theory, Psycho-social Workshop research presentation, New Orleans, 4/10/13