+ UI/UX study design
+ interviews
+ diary studies
+ online community groups
+ focus groups
+ service design
+ customer journey-mapping
+ workshop facilitation 
+ and so much more, just ask!

For quick reference, you can view my resume and academic CV.

Hi, I recently completed my Master’s of Science in Human-Centered Design and Engineering Department at the University of Washington. As a 3rd year PhD Candidate, I am currently working with Prof. Julie Kientz in the Computing for Healthy Living and Learning Lab and Prof. Daniela Rosener. My research interests are in family-centered technology and healthcare development. I am interested in learning and developing theories and methods that enable a deeper understanding of family life, their caregiving needs, and the role of technology so that families may grow healthy and resilient, together. I am particularly committed to participatory design methods for more diverse and inclusive designs.

Prior to attending graduate school, I was a Project Manager and Design Researcher at the Engagement Lab at Emerson College, working on civic media technology and research. In 2018, I managed the Make the Breast Pump Not Suck Hackathon at the MIT Media Lab. The project fostered interdisciplinary collaboration for equity-driven postpartum healthcare in the United States. In my free time, I am learning homesteading skills and enjoying hiking in the Pacific Northwest. 

The longer story

I am a first-generation American whose family immigrated from the former Soviet Union. Growing up in San Francisco instilled in me the appreciation of diversity and curiosity for creative experimentation while witnessing inequities that can come with technological innovation. My multi-cultural and urban upbringing inspired me to study cultural anthropology and serve as a bridge between people and designers as well as developers of technology.